Welcome Back (and why I am here)

My head is slowly emerging from the fog of summer and the blur of first days of school.

While driving my youngest to school this morning, my mind was swimming on what I could do today to help my professional life grow and, of course, what I am going to cook for dinner. Getting her out of the car, she grabbed me around the neck, hugged me and whispered, “you are the best mommy ever. Thanks for carrying me.”

Best reminder ever.

When I decided to get into Real Estate, I did not have the vision of being , but to be a human among humans. To show my daughters that I can follow my dreams and they, too, can do and be anything they want.  I didn’t think of the money, the hours, or the way I should start dressing when I made this decision and stated moving toward it. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to do a bit of guilt-free shopping every now and again, the hours may be a bit difficult at first, but we will make it work, and I might need to invest in some better looking yoga pants and some more cardigans (you know to dress it up a bit).

I honestly thought about how much I would love doing it. Love spending my time researching facts and figures to help people understand the market; love reading people and hearing what they want and guiding them to that; love looking at houses and seeing the possibilities of making it someones home; love coming home and my kids asking how work was.

For the first time in my adult life, I feel no need to embellish my profession and make it seem like I am something I am not. When people ask me how my new ‘job’ is going, I can honestly answer “it is great”.  When they ask about how much money I am making or how many listings I have, I can answer them with the truth, “I am learning so much and I absolutely love doing it!” (Of course it is followed with a few numbers and maybe a sales pitch, but you get the point). This is my life now. It seems seamless to me. A perfect fit into my already full life.

*caution* super cliche saying ahead

I do not feel like this is a job start, but a new life path.  That brings me nothing but joy.

Maybe at some point I will get a pencil skirt, blazer and stilettos and hit the ground as saleswoman extraordinaire, but for now I thoroughly enjoy helping people and making my daughters proud of their Mommy because she is proud of herself.

Now I just need to figure out what the hell we are having for dinner.



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