This Is me. All of me. Mom, wife, agent, human among humans…good and bad.

My professional Website is where I work to sell homes and educate people on Real Estate and community involvement.

Here I talk about my whole self.  A bit of everything. Unfiltered.

Take it or leave it. And, as always, reach out and let me know your thoughts.


More about me…

I am a St Paul native, a current South Minneapolis resident and a proud mother of three.  While I love both cities, I am a small town St. Paul girl at heart.

My background:  I have my bachelor degree in Women’s Studies and Sociology and my Master of Arts in Public Administration. After working in the customer service industry, I spent a few years at a Government Office working to protect the rights of consumers in Minnesota. Since leaving government, I have been lucky enough to stay home to raise my children.

Background Translation: I love people and have learned a great deal by studying their habits and working directly with them. I am one of the few people around who both loves and understands paperwork. My home, and the hearts within it, are the most important things in my life.

Coming from a large St. Paul Family and raising three little people has fostered in me a true passion for homemaking. Consequently, I spend most of my time creating something: cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting etc. This means that I will be as passionate about your home as I am about mine.




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