Winter is coming…

If you are like me, that is some awesome ass news.

Not only because the show with that tag line will be back on (mmmmm John Snow….), but I am a lover of winter.

My family has always been an active winter family (summer too, but that is too normal to write a good post about). My favorite memories come from winter; St. Paul Winter Carnival, sledding, skating, shoveling (yep, I kinda love it), winter walks, a lot of good books and knitting. I am more of a it-is-a-beautiful-day-to-curl-up-with-a-book kind of girl, less of a it-is-a-beautiful-day-to-sit-outside-and-get-eaten-alive-by-bugs-while-sweating-your-ass-off girl.

Here in Minnesota, I think the real estate market should be the hottest in the coolest months. The statistics don’t always represent that, but what a better time to check out houses and move!

If looking, you can see how the house holds up in the winter chill; an important factor in Minnesota. Depending on your preference, you can get the idea of how cozy or how open the house is when the doors are closed and everyone is locked inside.

If moving, the winter months are perfect for getting helpers! People are generally feeling a bit cooped up and may be more willing to help out with the promise of pizza and football. Try getting people to move a king size bed up 3 fights of stairs in the summer. Unpacking is a bit easier when colder as well. You are inside already, what the hell else are you going to do.

The sales numbers generally increase after the super bowl. But, if you are on the fence, football season is a great opportunity to find the right place at the right price and some good helpers!

Think about it.