Fall Food Withdrawal

Another thing about Fall (don’t worry,there are only a few more months of every post starting this way), is the cooking! Finally I can turn on the stove without having to strip down to my skivvies to prevent heat stroke. You are welcome neighbors and family.

That being said, I may have picked a really shitty time to attack the Whole30.  In case you are unaware of said program; the gist of it is no grains, dairy, legumes (beans for you who don’t want to Google legumes like I had to), dairy or sugar. So, I have been reduced to eating eggs, meat, eggs, veggies, eggs, fruit, eggs and an obnoxious amount of coconuts (oil, butter, milk…).

Truth be told, it is not so bad. I definitely have food aversions coupled with food addiction, making the thought of this really scary. But, for the first time in my life, I feel like I am ready to get down to the root of it.

I am on day 8.  There is nothing really glamorous about the process or really revolutionary for me. It has boiled down to some simple truths about myself that I have just had to accept:

  1. I need to stop eating like I am 22
  2. I need to stop eating shit
  3. I need fuel for my life and the right foods can give me that
  4. I need to be more active

So there it is. This 30-day adventure is meant to jump start putting those truths into action. So far it is working.

Here is some visual on the not-so-glamorous aspects…

I give you Banana Nut Portage


This was supposed to replace oatmeal. It did not. Not even a little.

HOWEVER, most things have worked awesomely! Because of great friends, I was gifted some great cookbooks and an All Powerful Spiralizer. If you are unfamiliar with a Spiralizer, become family. This is a recipe that uses one, along with a VitaMix. I am pretty sure I have not lived prior to the possession of these two beauties.  After the recipe, I will give some links for you to crack out on as well.

Pesto Zucchini Noodles

 IMG_3612 IMG_3615 IMG_3618   IMG_3622

Spiralizer 3-4 medium Zucchini

(you can freeze extra if you want to do more)

Go HERE to learn more about how to spiralize

Fry for about 15 minutes in a tablespoon of coconut oil

(longer to make softer, shorter to keep crunchy)

Make Pesto

combine in this order into high powered blender (ahem, VitaMix) or food processor:

1/3 cup olive oil

2 cups packed fresh basil

1/4 cup pine nuts

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup Parm. Cheese (optional, I leave out)

Pinch of salt


Add some sun warmed tomatoes from your garden and presto pasta BAM


Now, here are the good links…Got 3 hours to crack out???

Go use your Noodle (see what I did there) and enjoy!!



Homemade Cliff Bar

As I continue my quest of trying to figure out what the hell my children will eat, I jump at any opportunity to make something resembling healthy.  By jump, I do mean I notice something, feed them the crappy version for as long as I can then eventually get around to looking for a recipe and may actually make the recipe.  So, they love Cliff Bars. Awesome. Balanced, real food, somewhat healthy and enough calories to get them moving and add some meat to those skinny ass legs. I found this dope website, that, amongst several other crack-like recipes, had a recipe for a no-bake Cliff Bar! Whoop Whoop!!
So I tried to make them.
I had most of the ingredients at home, imagine that. The girls like the chocolate chip peanut butter one, so I for that. I did not have peanuts, so I chopped up almonds. I also did not have Brown Rice Syrup, so I used Molasses and Honey.

I’m not going to lie, honey, molasses and peanut butter smells damn good cooking.

They were good. Not great, not as soft at the actual Cliff Bars. I am going to pick up some peanuts and brown rice syrup next time I am at the store and see if that makes a difference. The taste is a bit too molassesissy (nice) for me, so I am going to either try the brown rice syrup or just use straight honey. I think using peanuts instead of almonds may hide that flavor a bit more. So, we will see. Ruby spit it out and Adriana ran out of the kitchen and hid in her room…