Re-purposed Jacket to Card Holder (My First Tutorial!)

When my Mother’s Father passed away last year, we had the opportunity to go through his old clothes. I am not kidding when I say opportunity, this dude was hipster before hipster was hipster. We used a lot of his old plaid flannels to create pillows, bracelets, scarves and I am sure other things I am unaware of.

So when my Father’s Mother Passed away this year, my Mother saw the opportunity to create something for each of the women in the family to have of Hers. Actually, my Mother saw the opportunity for me to create something.

So here is what I came up with. This is my first attempt at documenting a project. As you may know, or as you will soon find out, I make stuff up as I go. I am not a professional anything (yet) and I am not always as classy as this blazer. In fact, I have been known to be downright ignorant and offensive. Take this information, go forth and hopefully learn a new project. Hopefully you can have some fun with it too.
Let me know what you think!

Re-Purposed Jacket to Gift Card Holder

A old peice of clothing or a scrap of wool/flannel/fleece cut to 4.5″ x 6″ 
Button or snap
Optional – fabric for an applique on the back
*I used a serger to connect the seams, a sewing machine to make the button hole and embroidery thread to attach applique and button. This can all be done by hand sewing techniques or with a sewing machine. 
My Grandmother was classy. I have no doubt that she is in Heaven with a blazer and pearls, sitting by a large pool, sipping a martini. 
This was one of her favorite staple blazers…
Starbucks Gift Card Holder- Back

Every year for Valentines Day, the women of the family go to Florida and they usually exchange a small gift during their trip.  My Mother decided she wanted to try to re-purpose the blazer into eight gift card holders like the one from Starbucks. So, naturally, hand it over to her daughter who is always willing to drop everything to craft for her. Here is what I did.

The trim of the blazer is nice and thick and the buttons are awesome vintagey (look it up haters) gold, perfect.

I cut out a template from a scrap piece of fabric. Because the material of the blazer is flexible and has a bit of give to it, I wanted it to be almost the same size as a gift card. So I made it 4.5″ x 6″

Allow me to interject something, like you really have a choice. I was talking to my Husband about how to describe the texture of this fabric. We were throwing out options and ‘supple’ was thrown in.  I now realize that word is not okay. I can not stop thinking of the word ‘nipple’ now. Making this project a bit more classy.

After finishing, I had plenty of room for several cards. I lined up the template so one of the short ends goes along the nice thick, trim.

I added a felt heart to the back of mine, you can add anything. It would be super hipster if you added a bird.
Do yourself a favor and follow that link. You will never be the same.

After applying the applique, lined up the button and the buttonhole. I did not take pictures of this process.

For this one, I was able to use one of the button holes that was on the blazer, so I just added the button. Pretty simple. For the seven others, I had to actually add the buttonhole and place the button. As I said earlier, this can all be done with a buttonhole embroidery stitch (this stitch can be used for both the buttonhole and the seam). Wondering how many more times I can say buttonhole? 

Then I serged the top seam, and serged the sides together (spellcheck does not recognize serged. Nor does it recognize spellcheck. Thought you should know). 

I did not set my tension correctly, looks sloppy.

As you can see, the tails that are left over from the serger are obnoxious. But, you do not want to just cut them, they will unravel over time. Like two minutes. The following pictures show what to do with those…

 I usually add some Frey Check on the place I cut, just to make sure it doesn’t poke through.



Let me know if you have any questions. Pretty simple project. Enjoy!


Current Projects

I am working on getting some better pictures to post in  my Store. Just thought I’d put these out there 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Monday Projects

And we are off! And my sewing machine broke. again. So, Monday Work Day turned into Monday wash-car-seats-and-spend-money-I-don’t-have Day! Whoop Whoop!

First, if anyone is thinking of having children, consider the cleaning car seat process birth control. Pain. In. The. Ass.

Second, I hate computers. That’s totally not true. Sorry. But, I do love my new sewing machine. It is not a computer. And that actually makes me happy.

The name and flowers on the other hand, um, not so much.
Needless to say, not much sewing done today. Maybe later…

Single Mom with Lunch Bags, will travel.

For about 12 more hours. My Husband hightailed it down south in an effort to combat the winter blues. From the sound of it, it is working. Everyone has been asking when it is my turn to take off, but, honestly, I dig winter and I love being home. So maybe some one can just come and take my kids for 5 days? Anyone?
I am used to having Friday nights sans hubby and I have come to really enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when he is gone. Just kidding. I love spending time with him, but on Friday nights, the girls and I usually eat popcorn and watch a movie. Then they go to bed and I have TV control and spread laundry out on the floor to fold. Good times. Tonight though, I am sick of my kids so I did not sit with them to watch a movie. I honestly could not sit by them because they were driving me nuts. One night a week is one thing, but 4 is a bit much.  God I am spoiled.
So while they zoned out to the TV, I did some appliqué cutting and ironing. Ahem, can I get a what what?!

I have these snack sacks (32 years old and the word sack still makes me giggle) all ready to go. Now I just need to figure out what to line them with. They will be used to hold food, so I am wanting to go chemical free. Ridiculously difficult to do. If I want it water-resistant/proof, then my only real option is to use PEVA material. But, even that is not proven safe. I can just use muslin, but then it can stain. PEVA material is impossible to find, Muslin is everywhere. PEVA can just be wiped down and laundered occasionally, muslin may have to be washed more often. So, Mr/s. Chemical Engineer? I want either a single ply, water resistant/proof, food safe material or a product I can spray/paint/dip other fabric into to be water resistant/proof and food safe. Get on it.


I am still sewing. Despite my lack of patience and time, I am still trying. A girlfriend and I are going to get some of our projects up online to sell. I will keep you posted.

I have been addicted to trolling the Internet for free patterns and ideas. Holy balls, there is a lot out there. It is obnoxious how many puns there are on the word ‘sew’. They are sew funny. Sew clever. Sew annoying.

I am a daily stopper-byer of Burda Style, an open source sewing site. Has great patterns submitted by more skilled sewers then I.

But, I made this bag from a pattern off of J. Caroline Creative. Super dope site. This is my first bag, I am in the process of making another. But I think it turned out nice!

Then I made this laptop sleeve from a pattern off the site Sew Mama Sew.

They are my first. So, expect greatness is alls I gots to say.
Here are a few more things that I have messed around with: